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Shakshuka has been my family’s favorite breakfast for years. Honestly, sometimes I make it for lunch, brunch, or dinner. In my opinion, shakshuka is the

Green Shakshuka

Here is a lovely, simple recipe that will make your mornings a happier time (or lunch or dinner). A great way to get your protein

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Sweet Matzo Brei/ Matza Brei

The question of what to do with that leftover Matzot comes up every year. Matzo Brei is one of the few dishes from my childhood

egg salad on toast

My Favorite Egg Salad

I really think that a bowl of egg salad makes the perfect brunch, but it is also a nice upgrade to any sandwich. Everyone has

Sweet Potatoes Bread Pudding

This bread dish is the kind of thing I crave on Saturday mornings. A delicious way to use up leftover Challah or bread. It makes