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round spiral spelt challah

Spelt Challah

Looking for more baking ideas? Try my Double Chocolate Babka, Pumpkin Challah Bread, and Cinnamon Raisin Challah. What is Challah? Pronounced Challah/ḥallah, plural: challot/ḥalloth/khallos, Hebrew:

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sweet challah bread

Sweet Challah Bread

You might think baking your Challah can be too much of a hassle, but the truth is that baking Challah is a lot easier than

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4 Mediterranean Pita breads on a white paper

Mediterranean Pita bread

Making pita bread at home is a fun and rewarding experience that results in irresistible bread that is far superior to its store-bought counterpart. This

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round challah with honey

Round Challah

(Also Known As Turban Challah or Sprial Challah) Challah is the most iconic and uniquely Jewish food. It is a rich braided bread served on

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Flourless Tahini Bread on a brown board

Flourless Tahini Bread

If you’ve been looking for what is definitively the best flourless bread recipe on the internet, then you’ve come to the right place. I do

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challah on a white napkin

Vegan Challah

Nothing melts away the stress of a work week like a warm, homemade Challah. This Vegan Challah Recipe is my preferred recipe when I am

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challah bread on a white tablecloth

Traditional Challah Bread

After trying different recipes, I am sharing with you the one that I love the most! Whether you are a seasoned baker or a beginner,

Basic Red Ptitim (Israeli Couscous) on a plate with chicken nuggets

Ptitim (Israeli Couscous)

Israeli Couscous, also known as Ptitim or Pearl Couscous, is an Israeli childhood staple. To this day eating it makes me feel like a kid