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April 16, 2022

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egg in a bagel hole on a white parcment paper

Egg In a Bagel Hole

Say hello to your new favorite breakfast! These baked eggs in a bagel hole are easy to prepare, and everyone in your family will love

The Ultimate Birthday Cake

I really enjoy making personalized birthday cakes for my kids. But the basic recipe is always the same: chocolate cake. I’ll take chocolate cake in

challah on a white napkin

Best Vegan (Eggless) Challah

Nothing melts away the stress of a work week like a warm, homemade Challah. This Vegan Challah Recipe is my preferred recipe when I am

falafel balls

Authentic Falafel

Growing up in Israel, I ate my fair share of falafel. In most of my favorite childhood memories, you better believe that falafel was hanging